Classic Retro Prints

Get back to designer archives from the 50s, the 60s, and the 70s, to find out that we are still wearing these motifs in modern iterations. They are surely expressing a particular mood for continuity and even nostalgia, yet they evolve in a very exciting way. Have fun with them!

Bold Florals & Polka Dots

Bohemian or exotic, bold florals makes travel to the countryside or off to the island of our dreams, or even the jungle! Sometimes oversize and others petit, these eye-catching prints are taking you on a journey. Picking the right floral for you is a matter of preference in the same way you might pick the flowers you’ll arrange in your vase. Look for a color palette that is traditionally flattering to you and also a scale that works with your body silhouette. Opt for prints that feel unique and interesting. Designers such as Diane von Furstenberg have a knack for such nature-inspired 70s prints. Some of them are sure attention-getters. Also try them in ethereal fabrics for a romantic attitude.

Exuding the playfulness and classic spirit of the 50s, polka dots are a timeless feminine motif. Printed on pussy-bow blouses and ruffled or fit & flare dresses, this motif still define the pin-up girls or the era. Mix them in coordinating colors or even try them with floral and other graphic prints. Large-scale polkas are statement-making while small-scale have a genuine retro feel. In bold colors they are cheery while in sharp contrasts they are flirty. They spice up monochromes and neutrals in your closet. In black & while, they are super easy to style. Try them with girly accessories such as Mary Jane pumps, ballet flats, basket purses, headbands, turbans, bright lipstick, and cat-eye sunglasses.

Celestial and Animal Motifs

Celestial and lunar motifs have a dreamy feel about landing a new planet or discovering a new star. They make imagination fly and they are characterized by the innocence of youth. Tapping into astronomy and translating in a nonchalant way what one can admire from the microscope, star prints were always the fantasy alter-ego of the polka dots. Along with them, moon crescents and other extraterrestrial themes are printed on fabrics and trending on the runway. Inspired often by flags, moon landing, or expeditions to Mars, these motifs will always be here with us. They can be styled in ways similar to other classic motifs, either with monochromes or with equally joyful prints. From a star-printed shirt to a moon crescent dress, sky is the limit!

Animal prints are a wild cult thing yet they also reveal your love for nature. Some stylists see them as the perfect neutral. Neither boring nor hard-to-mix, leopard, zebra, cheetah prints are excellent statement choices for fashionistas. They give an instant flirty spin to any look and they are highly recommended to those of you who decided to be a little more daring with styling. Start with a classic safari-inspired animal print in black & while and escalate to show-stopping looks. Animal prints come in a variety of colors, beyond the classics so you will soon find yourself playing with them a lot. Mix them with florals, polka dots, stripes, and ethnic motifs that share common or complementary color palettes. Possibilities are endless!