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Time to Dress Up

We’ve been quarantining a lot lately, so little by little, we are getting ready to get out of our home and enjoy a social life. Psychologically we are definitely ready to dress up, yet in order to change our mood drastically, we need some new fashion assets. Let’s do our shopping, add some statement pieces for cocktail parties, wedding receptions, and other events!


Neutrals Get Attention

As a result of the pandemic, we are experiencing a shift of preferences towards timeless investment pieces, usually in neutral shades that mix & match with everything. Neutrals can be boring, yet for Spring 2021, designers did their best to make them captivating and eye-catching. Beige, ecru, black, and grey are now rocking!


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Bold Color Scheme

On the one hand, we glorify the easiness of the neutrals, and other, we indulge in the uplifting spirit of bold hues like red, yellow, electric blue, emerald green, you name it! Spring 2021 is full of beautiful contradictions, but the central idea is that fashion is here to make us feel confident and cheer up!

Favorite Dresses

A dress is always a complete look; very few things need to be added. A smart way to shop for dresses that will forever remain our favorites is to ignore the trends. In fact, there are already so many elements that make a dress stand the test of time. Opt for florals, graphic prints, as well as any color that is flattering to you!

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Off-Duty Comfort

The pandemic made us change habits as we were home-bound for the most time. Fabrics that are soft and adjust to our body contours became the norm. Those allow us to move freely and be active. Loungewear and athleisure are here to stay for a while, yet we embrace their most sophisticated version as the world opens up.

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Bohemian Excellence

A boho-chic attitude is closely related to springtime. Ethereal fabrics, romantic details, retro motifs, and a carefree attitude will do the trick. Blooming florals, lace, flares, and ruffles, as well as billow sleeves, 70s elements, and things that show you don’t try hard, will make you feel relaxed on your getaways and countryside walks. Enjoy!

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