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It’s a unique winter season. The pandemic turned many things upside down, yet we are adjusting to the new realities. We appreciate life even more, and we feel the need to protect the environment. Loungewear is updated to meet our work-from-home standards. Our wardrobe is also upgraded with eco-friendly, high-quality investment pieces.


Feeling Sporty

With COVID-19 and all these varying restrictions, people are encouraged to entertain themselves outdoors, mainly becoming more active. Athleisure fits our sporty lifestyle. It is time to give credit to our new sweatshirts, leggings, and hoodies for making us look stylish while running around the park or on the streets.


Best Outerwear

With outerwear, the best idea for FW20 is getting back to the classics and fill in the gaps in our wardrobe. Timeless coats, puffers, and other layers in neutral hues, earthy tones, and heritage motifs can be valuable additions. We need warm, weather-proof pieces for each setting and occasion.

Home Office Looks

Working from home has been the norm lately, and it seems that for many companies and their employees, this is a reality that is here to stay. Some of us might get back to the office, but quite many will continue to dress up for their home office. Simplifying the business look, you can get the right outfits for online conference calls.

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A Dress for Every Occasion

A dress is a busy girl’s best friend! As a single-piece look, it allows us to transform in seconds. Cocktail dresses and evening gowns are designed for special occasions, while there is a wide range of styles for your on-duty engagements as well as getaways. Dresses are the flirty side of your wardrobe, one to adopt literally every day.

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Layer Up with Cardigans

Old-fashioned but also updated with cool varsity-inspired motifs and graphic details, cardigans are versatile layers in wintertime that mix well with tops, outerwear, and other items in your closet. Leaning more towards roomier silhouettes for FW20, these knitwear staples equal ultimate comfort, effortlessness, and fun, eclectic looks.

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