Trendy Summer Monochromes

Solid-color pieces and outfits are always elegant and worry-free. They are sleek attention-getters, especially when they come in flattering silhouettes and tones. Monochromes are timeless and versatile. They mix & match with everything and make a print pop. Neutrals are serene; bold hues are fun!

White or Color

The simplest way to do monochromes is a total neutral look; nude or white is key. It illuminates your complexion and feels natural. This effortless-chic option will take you anywhere. A white button-down and pants never fail. In the summer, white and beige are no-brainers. You can go tonal and play with their variations, which further enhance the sophistication of the look. Plus, they serve as the perfect blank canvas for your statement accessories, including scarves, jewelry, hats, shoes, and bags. In ethereal fabrics, silk, cotton, and linen, they are what we wear when visiting the Greek islands. Feel free to mix & match white with off-white or ivory, blush with beige, cream, or taupe; everything in that subdued color family looks fabulous and expensive!

Still, there are people who love color! A full-on hot pink look is of the moment. The same applies to green, blue, and purple. Bright jewel tones are mood-lifters. Think of your favorite colors in terms of dresses and jumpsuits. Single-color looks are figure-elongating. Embrace the maximalist attitude of a bold hue. A motif-free outfit can be equally playful, and this depends on the details. Billowy sleeves, ruffles, bows, cut-outs, and other accents will make a statement. Head-to-toe bright colors are true attention-grabbers. Extend this color game to your shoes for even more height in your silhouette. Focus only on a color that looks good on you. Cool skin tones pair with cool colors and warm with warm. It’s important that you pick the right color!

Color Blocking & Styling

In a zero-motif fashion universe, you will find monochrome looks but also monochrome pieces you can combine to create what we call “color-blocking.” It means that you dress in “blocks” of solid color, often creating sharp contrasts. Wear green with red, or purple with yellow, or blue with orange, for example, to maximize the color-blocking effect. Try also a discreet blend of pastels, or a mix of pastels with bold shades. Make sure your top (blouse or shirt) is flattering to your face. Build the silhouette from top to bottom. The color of your eyes and hair are factors to assess when styling an outfit. Pale blondes look magnificent in pastels, and warm blondes sizzle in scarlet red, grass green, turquoise, and coral.

Brunettes are stunning in a variety of earthy greens and browns, as well as gold and brick red. Redheads are delightful in cobalt blue, emerald green, white, and shades of red that are flattering to their skin tone. Ladies with pale skin need darker or deeper hues to shine bright. Think of electric blue, emerald green, and amethyst purple for them. Women with tan/olive skin tone look their best in khaki, purple, plum, and orange-yellow. Those with brown skin tones look spectacular in lemon yellow, navy blue, white, and pastels. If you have blue eyes, pink and mint green tops are incredible choices, while if you have green eyes, accentuate them with purple and deep green. Finally, for brown eyes, we highly recommend an orange or lavender top.

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