Summer is Here

We are all so excited that summer is finally here, and we undeniably plan to dress up for it. For the city and your getaways, we picked clothes that are fun, chic, and comfortable because you just deserve to look stunning! Start building your hot weather wardrobe now, before you hit the beach!

Opt for Comfort

Roomy silhouettes, ethereal fabrics, and practical details offer your summer outfits comfort and versatility. Empire-waist dresses, A-line skirts, cropped tops, spaghetti straps, wrap fronts, multiple pockets, cut-outs, and other details will keep you stylish and sweat-free. See-through elements add up to the flirty spirit of SS22 collections. Light colors and white reflect the light so that you stay fresh on a sunny day. Self-ties, waist belts, and drawstrings make these pieces transformable. We never underestimate the comfort factor. When somebody feels great in their clothes, they look gorgeous too. A perfect-fit item gives you confidence, and that way, you shine bright. Effortless, uncomplicated, and easy-to-wear clothes are keys to elegant looks. The secret behind a comfortable look is research. Make sure you pay attention to details.

Comfort is often found in simple things. A caftan style or a linear silhouette, a monochrome look, or one with a classic motif is all you need in the summer. Shop for things that can be instantly mixed with each other. High-quality neutrals or pieces from the same color family will do the trick. Go for earthy or jewel tones, for example. Pack a suitcase filled with pastels. Travel only with total white looks or shades of blue. In general, make your wardrobe a fuss-free situation. Avoid high-maintenance outfits — stock in crease-free clothes and those that are durable. White fabrics for example are easy-to-wash, even when stained. Crazy, busy, bold prints can also disguise any stains. Or else opt for pieces that look their best when wrinkled!

Invest in Design

Throughout the summer, there might be occasions where you really want to look the fashionista part! In this case, keep the comfort factor at the back of your mind and add to it the wow factor. Think of great design that is eye-catching and conversation-starting. Beautiful printed, embroidered, or embellished motifs show that you know fashion. Overlapping straps, revealing patterns, exaggerated elements, and flattering shapes are in your direction. Pick a theme or mood and go for it. Be romantic with puff sleeves, bows, and ruffles. Be bohemian with crochet trims and fringes. Be a disco girl with lots of sparkle and fun colors. Choose design elements based on your destination. Tropical florals will fit an exotic island. Polka dots will look perfect at a tea party.

In the era of inclusivity and newly-defined freedom, avoid following the trends closely. Instead, become a trendsetter yourself — mix loungewear with eveningwear, athleisure with business looks, retro with anything avant-garde. Blend previous collections with current ones, and remember that great design is timeless. Treat a pajama top like a blazer over a silk dress. Layer a hoodie over a silk top. Use a wrap skirt in place of a sarong. Definitely, wear many crop tops with high-waist bottoms. Glamorize a slip dress with high heels. Embrace a combo of the 60s and the 80s, or the 70s and the 90s. Wear a button- down with shorts on the beach; these are must-haves. Mini skirts are a thing, but if you don’t feel comfortable in them, midis are showstoppers, too!

Check all trends!