The Spring/Summer 2020 Wardrobe Essentials

Are you ready to rock the SS20 trends? You don’t need to stick religiously to them just take a glimpse of what fashionistas currently love and apply it to your personal lifestyle. Our editorial focuses on wearable solutions and amazing offers to pick from.

Stripes for Ever

This season we are experiencing a creative twist on the classic motifs and among these we are excited to see the comeback of stripes in all kinds of ways from workwear or menswear-inspired pinstripes, to beach-ready colorful stripes, and preppy or nautical ones. What is amazing about stripes is that when placed smartly they enhance your body silhouette. Stylists push the envelope towards combining them with other motifs such as animal or floral prints or mix them together while they are heading different directions. Bold stripes are more flattering in minimalist silhouettes that give a balance to the whole look. Sometimes they have a retro-romantic attitude and in this case they are often combined with ruffles. Yet they can also be the perfect asset of a tailored look.

Slimmer vertical stripes are figure-elongating while broader and brighter ones are volumizing. Wearing stripes that are referencing shirting fabrics feels empowering. Most stripes give sharpness to your looks and that’s why designers love them. Stripes on the sides of your pants or sleeves are sporty and align with the ongoing athleisure trend. Multicolor stripes are Riviera-worthy or cosmopolitan in general. Other stripes – such as on V-neck sweaters allude to the varsity look and get you back to your college years. And don’t forget the Breton stripes that Coco Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld immortalized via their favorite mariniere tops. Your possibilities with stripes are endless!

Bold Colors

On most catwalks, beyond the triumphant return of the neons, we will also notice other bold hues including tangerine orange, reds, and blues It is surely a way for you to be a true attention-getter. Red – especially scarlet – is bright and seductive; a visual force. Bright red is not hard to rock because it mixes well with neutrals and cool shades such as purple and blue. It also works with all skin tones. If you feel that it takes you out of your comfort zone because it is too eye-catching, just take a moment to convince yourself that you deserve to be visible. Keep accessorizing simple and classic and balance it off with shades of nude, beige or blush. Remember that red is cheery and festive, meaning your perfect companion on a special occasion.

Along with red, blue – and most specifically the Pantone Color of the Year 2020 – the Classic Blue will put you on the map of fashion insiders. Blue is elegant and undeniably imposing. It can be combined with neutrals as well, but also with cool pastels such as mint, pale yellow, and pink. Luxuriate it with metallics and dress it down with white. Like scarlet red, Classic Blue looks stunning in monochrome cocktail dresses. Refresh your spring/summer wardrobe with some of them and make a fashion statement on the next occasion. Both colors give an extra dimension to both satiny fabrics and textured ones like lace. Feel free to experiment with other color combos; just try to take your personal palette a notch up. Make daring moves!

Retro-Inspired Details

Recurring trends are always a thing in fashionDesigners look into the past to produce updated versions of the classics offering their own interpretation to both conceptual and technical issues. Fashion has a cyclical pattern which means that creatives tap into museum-quality archives, history or art books, long forgotten civilizations, or just recent decades to create the look of the moment. They even reinvent themselves sometimes. Every season – including Spring/Summer 2020 their research will lead us to new exciting words. It’s probably our chance to try the styles our mom or grandma used to wear and explore other eras. This time the runways were filled with lingerie-inspired looks that reference interwar (20s) and post-war (late 40s) boudoir looks, especially slip dresses and lace-trimmed ones. The other important comeback was that of the 70s. Bell bottoms, bright psychedelic prints, rib-knit fitted tops, fringes, wide pointed collars and all the cheer of the bohemian culture are top-choice trends. These are the clothes you might hopefully wear when out in the nature on a sunny day with a wide-brim straw hat, sandals or espadrilles, and big sunglasses. Opt for large-scale or gypsy florals and ethereal fabrics.

Prairie looks of the season also feature Victorian elements such as gracious puff sleeves. If you now prefer the 80s and the 90s, designers have created fun party looks accented with cut-out details on the shoulders, the midriff or in the form of cool necklines including sweetheart, scoop, and square ones. From the catwalks to the streets history repeats itself and fashion becomes a form of education. Try new things, especially now that you need it the most. Amidst adversity stick to your great vibes and optimism and make sure you pamper yourself a lot. Play dress up and take your personal style to the next level.