On-Duty Looks

Office-time this season might be proven extra challenging. In high temperatures and within the new Covid-19 reality, your business looks should be practical, elegant, and sweat-free. Plus your corporate outfit should boost your confidence and lift your mood. Check the points that will make it 100% appropriate, chic, and comfy!

Cool Suits & Updated Button-Downs

Great tailoring, elegant details, and lightweight fabrics are key elements. You can get a suit or just a blazer in an easy color so that you pair it with pants. Blazers with proper darting and structure will polish your looks. Strategically-placed shoulder pads enhance your silhouette giving you an imposing presence. Pockets should be mostly decorative, not filled with essentials. Lapels should look sharp and understated at the same time. Straight-leg pants or pencil skirts are the perfect combos. Neutrals are the right color choice. Avoid a bright or bold palette unless you are in a creative field. Cotton-blend fabrics will keep you cool when air-conditioning is not an option. Keep it simple and layer it over fine quality basic tops. Pair it with timeless accessories.

The button-down in white or great shirting fabric is the foundation of the power suit. A pointed, mandarin, or novelty collar will mix well with the blazer. Opt for a monochrome top or one with subtle motifs. Silk and cotton are ideal fabrics for layering. The relaxed fit is your go-to silhouette that ensures sleekness and comfort. Avoid oversize pieces that don’t look smart in the office. A clean, detail-free outfit is your way to make people focus on what you are saying instead of what you are wearing. Avoid sheer fabrics, loud embroidery, and things that look too complicated. Plus pick tops that are easy-to-mix and durable. You might need to wash it often. This menswear-inspired wardrobe asset can be styled in a cool and feminine way.

Roomy Blazers & Plaid Motifs

These days boxy blazers are quite fashionable, so if you want to deviate a little from the tailored norm, just pick slightly roomy blazers that you can combine with slightly roomy pants. Don’t go overboard with volume but just give a modern twist. You can also combine this roomy blazer with straight-leg jeans and loafers on ‘casual Fridays’. Boxy blazers are surely referencing the 80s and the all-American look of that time, when everybody loved to wear the next size instead of the one that was the perfect fit. It allows you to move freely, which is a plus in hot weather. And it can also be contained with a waist belt whenever you are not into volume. Mix it with slightly bigger accessories such as a large briefcase.

Plaid, houndstooth, or check motifs are still with us, trending among fashionistas and modern business people. It’s your way to stand out from the crowd and make a statement. They can be combined with monochrome pants in coordinating colors and a simple button-down. Wear your classic pumps and your designer opticals to exude sophistication. Pick small-scale motifs that are figure-flattering. Mixed with lighter tones it will give the illusion of a summer touch. Plaid references quintessentially British looks but also modern Italian options. Avoid mixing it with other motifs in the office. It’s going to get louder than you need. A minimalist approach is your main goal every morning you style your outfits for work. Just keep a small statement accessory in your bag for the happy hour.