Off-Duty Comfort

It’s been a year since we last socialized, so by now, we are more familiar with loungewear, sportswear, athleisure, and lingerie. Nevertheless, it seems that we have never lost our sense of style, and we are not planning to. Check the new essentials of your off-duty looks!

Lingerie-Inspired and Knits

Lace trims that we usually see in bras and corsets span across our springtime wardrobe. There are cute camisoles, slip dresses, and other ultra-feminine items, which are so well-designed that we want to rock them outside the home. In gorgeous colors, sensational fabrics, and a flirty spirit, these garments are the next hot thing in town, alluding to the 90s, as well as the pin-up girls of the 40s. These pieces are getting a modern twist and work perfectly with tailored pieces, jeans, and ethereal maxi bottoms. Fashion taps into elegance, comfort, and sensuality. Be daring enough to embrace these pieces; you have already been wearing similar ones drinking cocktails on your sofa. What we are suggesting is a more elevated version.

Knitted tops, cardigans, pants, and skirts made of soft cotton and other perfect-texture materials can be proven extremely comfy and stylish. The idea comes again from loungewear that feels cozy, but we now need a lighter knit. It is stretchy and figure-flattering. In neutrals, metallic, pastels, or bold hues, the new-era knits are an essential part of your new wardrobe. They can be combined with jeans or tailored pieces for a modern effect. You can also have a head-to-toe knit look that is accented with slipper shoes, pearls, and even a feather stole for dinner parties. Monochromes, and those printed or embellished with colorful motifs, will lift your mood and make a fashion statement. It comes down to either a romantic or boho-chic look.

Sweatshirts and Youth

Sporty looks have a street vibe, and in our times, a hoodie and a mask fulfill your need to protect yourself and ensure your privacy. Roomy sweatshirt silhouettes mix well with all kinds of jeans silhouettes and chunky fashionable sneakers. They also work with leggings and sweatpants. Athleisure is highly popular, and your monochrome tracksuits are trending. A smart way to mix these pieces is by juxtaposing different silhouettes, roomy with fitted ones. Sportswear jackets can also be layered with tank tops or slip dresses. Opt for sophisticated neutrals but also crazy color combos and graphic details. Lettering and logos are part of the scheme. Take your looks outdoors and be active. You can even dress it up with high-heel booties.

With looks drawn from athleisure and loungewear, you can get back to your childhood, where things were not so polished but were feeling good. The way to style a jersey top and track pants is with details that are reminiscent of that era. Try velcros on your shoes, high ponytails or top-knots, bomber jackets, and beaded jewelry, hoop earrings, backpacks, and teenage culture essentials. Working from home allows us to be our pure selves, the ones we always were. Classic athletic stripes, slouchy styles, raw hems, drawstrings, and unlaced shoes will give you a “young rebel” attitude. Borrow elements from the 80s and 90s hip-hop culture as well as early 00s streetwear. It is time to revisit the past and have fun with fashion!