Home office looks

It’s time to rebuild your business wardrobe based on the premise that your home office is your new safe environment, a place to exchange views, think about your future, and deal with day-to-day problem- solving. Are you ready to take it to the next level?

New Business Look Basics

Some of us might be working from home for a long time, and some others might be working in their regular offices for a few hours per week. The time we are spending with our colleagues in the same physical space is shrinking as our communication becomes increasingly virtual. With online conference calls becoming mainstream, our home office acquires particular importance and, along with it, our workwear attire. It has to be comfy and business-ready because we want to combine family life with office time. As days and hours blend and melt to each other, our schedule gets quite flexible, but our lives a bit more complicated. We need to look put together throughout the day without sacrificing comfort. Dressing for a conference call at home means that we need to elevate our loungewear to the point that it looks more like a meeting-room look.

From a computer or tablet screen, people are mostly seeing what we are wearing waist-up, so make sure you’ve got something sleek covering your upper body. It can be a nice button-down, a chic monochrome sweater, a roomy blazer, or a sophisticated blouse. Neutrals are a rule of thumb – avoid bold colors, loud motifs, provocative necklines, and all kinds of details that seem to be the wrong conversation-starters for office time. For your meetings outside the home, coordinate your neutrals with equally classic layers such as coats and capes. You are not supposed to wear your razor-sharp power suit at home because that would mean, under pandemic circumstances, that you are trying too hard. Yet you are recommended to look flawless – well-ironed clothes, in perfect condition, and in line with your business profile. Use what you were wearing in the office before the pandemic as a reference!

The Essentials of a Multi-Tasker

Feeling comfortable in your workwear can be ensured via great fabrics such as cotton, silk, wool, cashmere, and tech blends that keep you warm, mobile, and impeccable. Your clothes have to be stretchy or roomy, breathable, durable, and hard to crease or get stained. Relaxed-fit silhouettes are proper and elegant, never revealing or out-of-context. Avoid overly feminine details such as frills and bows, as well as skin-tight styles and semi-sheer fabrics. Make a test before you appear on a call to see how the camera captures you. Do not let your necklines compete with each other, as notched lapels will do with a busy shirt collar. In wintertime, long-sleeve tops seem to be more appropriate too. A short- sleeve dress is also an acceptable option. Stay away from blouses and dresses that look like pajamas. They might be cool and fashionable, but not during office hours.

As much as it is a huge faux-pas to show up underdressed in one of your calls, it is also a mistake to be overdressed, even during the holiday season. Festive traditional jacquard sweaters, sparkly dresses, edgy prints, and statement scarves are out of the question. You can wear your jeans, but you have to combine it with a pointed-collar shirt or a chic crewneck sweater. Your wardrobe has to have a corporate feel if that’s the type of company you are working for. It can be a little creative if you are in that field. In other words, what you wear in your home office has to reflect your actual role and career scope. It’s just getting a little more laid back to bridge the gap between your current and previous environment. We collected for you fine-quality essentials showing that you are on duty and in charge!