A Dress for Every Occasion

Dresses are not only designed to be worn on special occasions and holidays. Some of them might have a festive dimension, while others are your wardrobe staples. Busy ladies love them because single-piece looks are easy-to-wear.

Multi-Purpose Dresses

For a start, most dresses can be elevated and transformed with accessories. Fabrics often define the range of activities you can cover with a single dress. Jerseys, for example, are mostly daytime, yet some of them – check the DVF styles – can also make for eveningwear stunners. Mini dresses look cute with flat shoes and sexy with stiletto heels. Midi frocks are sophisticated with block heels and extra- glamorous with high-heel platforms. Stylists encourage us lately to layer our stunning short-sleeve wrap dresses over fine-knit turtlenecks with long sleeves popping from underneath. Such numbers can also be layered with skinny jeans and leggings. Combined with a denim jacket, most dresses also look a bit more casual. Then again, a wool dress feels different if you throw over it multiple strands of pearls. The whole point of creating a personal collection of minimalist dresses is freedom. Wear them everywhere!

For FW20, we feel that the simpler, the better. If you don’t already have a little black dress, try to get more than one at different lengths. Invest also in wrap dresses because they adjust to your measurements and mood. Sweater dresses are also trending, especially when accented with equestrian boots. Retro-inspired dresses – especially within the bohemian spectrum – are also easy stunners. With cowboy boots and a roomy coat, they get a fashionable twist. Bodycon dresses are your sure dinner- date bet, but you can also layer them under blazers and cardigans in the morning. Tweed dresses are also a timeless asset. Pleating at the skirt is both lady-chic and figure-elongating. Long-sleeve dresses, especially those with blouson sleeves, are of the moment. Still, such styles never go out of fashion. All- white dresses are equally eligible for winter. Inspired by the snow, they can be accented with bold jewelry.

Evening-Only Dresses

Besides floor-length evening gowns, most dresses are not evening-only, but they are easy-to-be-styled as such. A fitted bodice can be an element incorporated in an evening look. If monochrome, it serves as the perfect canvas for your statement necklace. A full skirt looks great on the dancefloor with high heels. A relaxed-fit dress can get more feminine with a beautiful belt. Of course, there are fabrics like velvet, silk satin, and taffeta that are mainly festive, ideal for cocktail dresses and evening gowns. There are also those with rich embroidery and dazzling embellishments. A dress covered with sequins or sprinkled with rhinestones is a feast for the eyes. One with lace insets feels flirty and timeless. Designers today are quite technical in terms of pattern-making and paneling. They can create pieces that flatter certain body parts and camouflage others. These are their magic tricks!

It is great to see all these variations in the realm of eveningwear, but it is also safe to rely on the classics, styles that never fail on special occasions. The pandemic pushed us to understand the fashion industry's inner workings and the fallacies of fast fashion. Appreciating quality in all things produced, you can start shopping more consciously, opting for the nice dresses that can be passed on to the next generation at some point as heirlooms. A special-occasion look is precisely that; a dress serving as a souvenir of all amazing moments in your life. As Karl Lagerfeld managed to do, accessories can transform your beloved dress. For the first time in fashion history, we are experiencing a hiatus from the intense trends-driven circle. It’s time to look for pieces that resonate with our personality. On your next night out, be you!