SS22 Color Palette

It’s true that we are not only experiencing the festival season with Coachella but also the festival of color, one that extends from the runway to the street. Bold hues, subtle accents, neutrals, and the “new neutrals” are taking over our wardrobes! Let’s play with them, coming up with favorites!

Colors & Non-Colors

There are statement colors that equal a visual explosion, and then there are those that are serene and obscure yet somehow tease our senses. Bold colors are the obvious stunners. There is nothing you can do to distract the viewer from them. Bright yellow, hot red, electric blue, and emerald green are the queens of the fashion spectrum. They appear as monochromes, textural fabrics, prints, and embellishments. Sophisticated pastels like pink, mint, lilac, and baby blue are also eye-catching. Bold and pastel hues in complementary combinations such as greens with blues, pinks with reds, and purples with yellows are show-stopping. Purple with green is also a chic mix. A monochrome piece helps a statement print stand out. Similarly, a subtle print will magnify the impact of a bold monochrome.

Non-colors are those we also describe as neutrals. Head-to-toe white or a total beige look makes for a super elegant summer look. Light brown shades are also a natural choice for Spring. Neutrals are often used as the foundations of a fashionable outfit. Whenever you find it hard to combine a statement piece in your wardrobe, just mix it with white or nude, and you are ready to go! Neutrals are flattering to every skin tone, from dark or tanned to porcelain white. Blush pink, dove grey, cream, and ivory come in countless iterations. The more you focus on the detail and the actual color variation, the more chances you will have to discover those that look prettier on you. Scrutinize every shade; it pays off!

Denim & Earthy Tones

Speaking of neutrals, denim shades have always been considered as such. They mix & match with everything. Jeans, denim shorts, jackets, and skirts, will give you artistic freedom to have fun with fashion. A multicolor blouse or sparkly top can be easily styled with denim. This season, denim comes in vintage, “cult” styles, edgy distressed variations, polished versions, and glam styles. They are often beaded, sequined, or detailed with crystals. Start early in the morning with tees and shorts, continue with a button-down and an A-line denim skirt, and take it to the evening with a lace or skin-revealing top and bootcut or straight-leg jeans. Full-on denim looks and a mix of different blue denim shades in the same outfit are trending. For SS22, more denim is more coolness!

Earthy tones like chocolate brown, khaki, and clay are the best with bronzed skin and gold jewelry. They often come in animal prints like leopard, cheetah, zebra, and tiger motifs, regarded as the most stylish and seductive neutrals. Combine them, of course, with denim, lighter neutrals, metallics, purple, blue, orange, and yellow. Use your animal prints as small elements or the “main course”. Also, look for them in non-neutral variations that show a creative approach to fashion. Seasoned fashionistas combine earthy animal prints and military green with florals for something unexpected. They also combine them in different scales, for example, petit and oversized leopard prints in the same look. Or they find different tonal variations, brighter with darker ones strategically placed for a body-sculpting effect!

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