Spring 2023 Makeover

Spring is the time of rebirth and rejuvenation. It is also your opportunity to do a wardrobe update and a style makeover! Review your closet’s content so that you keep anything that aligns with your new self and get rid of everything that seems irrelevant. Modernize your springtime outfits by infusing them with color and comfort.

Bright Colors

Bright colors that fit your transitional-weather adventures can be either bold or light & luminous. For Spring 2023, our favorite bold colors include electric blue, shocking pink, bright orange, sunny yellow, grass green, neons, turquoise, scarlet red, and magenta. Along with them, designers sent down the runway lighter hues such as salmon pink, mint, lilac, baby blue, and other playful, sorbet-inspired pastels. You can also add to this selection any nude shade that fits your skin tone and any beige from sandy to caramel. Mix & match them into unexpected combinations, creating looks that are deeply personal. Color-matching is a form of self-expression! One of the ways to nail it is through colorblocking, juxtaposing chunks of different solid colors graphically and geometrically.

Fashionistas incorporate in their outfits tons of colorful prints. Beginners in this styling game can mix one neutral or bold monochrome with one loud print. You only need to find a monochrome that is the same or complementary to one of the shades of your print. Indigo blue and denim is also part of this SS23 trend board because they make each outfit look younger. Plus, don’t forget earthy animal prints, botanical motifs, tropical floral patterns, and painterly graphic ones that give you an artistic flair. Let your imagination fly; this is the moment you have the creative freedom to play with fashion and experiment with your palette. Minimalists can also welcome a bit of color through bold trims and any little bright color detail.

Lighter Fabrics

The next chapter in your makeover is the consideration of fabrics that are comfortable and liberating. Fabrics this season should allow you to move and breathe. From semi-sheer ones to crochet, linens, cottons, and flowy silks, follow the rules of practicality and functionality. Tech fabrics are part of it because they are usually stretchy, moisture-wicking, and have an array of other qualities engineered into their weaves. Cotton-blend knits are equally desirable because they adjust to your body contours. Athleisure can occupy a greater part of your life as you start drawing focus on your well-being. Some pieces can be layered easily, offering versatility. Crepes and satins for the evening are flirty and delicious, rendered in silhouettes from the 70s and the 90s.

Reevaluating your comfort zone and adjusting to new, far more social times, you can now have a closet that makes you look gorgeous but also confident. Invest in great-quality fabrics because they will have a positive impact on you and the environment. Reduce fashion waste by shopping for items that stand the test of time. Opt for durable and low-maintenance fabrics; those that don’t wrinkle because they are already crinkled, for example. Lighter compositions can be layered under slightly heavier ones to create an exciting silhouette. See-through elements can be lined with sporty lingerie to counterbalance femininity. Inspired by men’s shirts, poplin works with classic tailored shapes but also with girly skirts. Lace trims, light brocades, and springtime tweeds will complete your wardrobe.

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