Layers are Everything

We started layering like real fashionistas, probably back in the 90s. And we learned that craft from none other than Marc Jacobs himself. In winter or transitional weather, one thing that saves the day is the art of layering! Artfully placing one piece of clothing after the other makes you look cool and sophisticated at the same time.

Knits & Tops

Knitwear offers us fundamental pieces of layering. A fitted turtleneck under a cardigan and a V-neck sweater over a button-down are key looks. Light knits under heavier ones, silky blouses under knit vests, and fitted tops poking from slouchier ones infuse your style options with versatility. Layering can take different expressions depending on the knit you are wearing. A chunky or raw-edged knit has an edgy feel, a fluffy sweater is luxurious, and a ribbed top is sporty. Knitwear in neutrals and monochromes is easy to mix. In contrast, statement pieces should be carefully layered either with simpler tops or with ones that create fabulous motif clashes or colorblocking. Keep in mind that layering keeps you warm, even if the layers are lightweight.

For most seasoned fashion insiders, layering can happen in many unexpected ways. Lately, we saw ‘it’ girls layering a couple of same-style collared shirts, and we have also seen them wearing bodycon tops on top of one another to create depth or optical illusions. An oversized blouse can be tamed and cinched when worn under a fitted vest or tank top. Sleeves of a bodysuit or the neck of a turtleneck can playfully poke from a crewneck or shirtdress. Colors can be combined in countless ways, and if you are talented enough, prints and jacquard motifs can do the same. Hem lengths can be juxtaposed to accentuate or elongate the silhouette. If a cropped top is too short for you, style it over a longer shirt.

Coats & Jackets

Layering continues with coats or jackets in different silhouettes, materials, colors, textures, and weights. A heavy wool coat in a classic shape can polish any winter look. Even if you are wearing athleisure underneath, the coat will keep you sleek and elegant. Tailored outerwear in monochromes always has this effect. Then, for a touch of heritage, think of layering a check or houndstooth coat. It looks terrific with your business looks. For 70s vibes, always keep a fluffy coat at the back of your mind. Made with faux fur, it will give you more volume and a disco party sass. Other textures of much lighter fabrics, such as velvets or jacquards are also mind-blowing when layered over a dress or dinner date ensemble.

In the morning or when you really want to show off the bottom of your outfit, shorter outerwear pieces are ideal. Don’t limit yourself to conventional styling. A puffer certainly works with knit layers and jeans, but if fancy enough and in a certain ultra-chic silhouette, it might also work with a party dress. Cape- style jackets are very charming too. They look great with bodycon and fit & flare dresses alike. Peacoats and heavy wool blazers exude professionalism. A busy lady out there might have more than one in colors like navy, charcoal gray, and beige. For the trendsetters, some jackets might be absolute fashion statements, so layer them over your simplest outfit, and you are good to go! Both jackets and coats are investment pieces!

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