Hot-Weather Fashionista

Whether in the city or off-duty in a far-flung exotic destination, a fashionista always thinks of trends and something new in her wardrobe. In hot weather, she always mixes practicality with a sense of style. She knows fashion and is determined to survive these sweaty, sunny days looking her best!

Think Avant-Garde

Bright colors are a fashionista’s favorites. She is an expert in combining them in the most magical and unexpected way. She loves all the primary colors, gem hues, and pastels this season. Multicolor prints like geometrics, florals, and abstract, painterly motifs are part of the menu. She is into “motif clashes,” meaning cosmos of prints that are counter-intuitive or edgy yet seem to work. Still, the safest path is going for bold monochromes that make you stand out and feel unique. A bright yellow or red dress is definitely a fashion statement. Take a selfie in it, and it will be memorable. In terms of color, you are encouraged to push the boundaries; nothing is totally right or wrong anymore. It’s personal aesthetics.

There are many ways to play with color, including some tremendous tonal looks. Keep all your clothes and accessories in your outfit within one color family. It looks sophisticated but also fashion-forward. Contrasts are the other route you can take. It’s not only black and white; it can be color-blocking that divides your silhouette into different zones having a different effect. When placed strategically, colors can transform the image you project to the world. Remember that bright, warm hues volumize you while dark, cool shades slim you down. Light hues further enhance your tan. Bold hues contrast lighter skin tones. Using prints at different scales is another trick fashionistas use. They maximize certain body areas with large-scale prints and minimize with small-scale ones.

Go for the Details

No rule has to be followed strictly. “It” girls experiment with different forms and shapes for 80s billowy sleeves to 90s micro minis. They try an array of things; need variety in their closets. Outfits come together on an impulse, and last-minute choices become the most interesting. Your outfit has to be fascinating even before you add the accessories. A ruffled top or skirt is a great, girly addition to your wardrobe. An ethereal maxi dress is all you need in the evenings. Several pairs of shorts and cropped pants create a modern look. Accentuate your roomier silhouettes with a waist belt. Opt for plunging necklines and thigh-high hem slits. It’s summer after all, and you need to feel the breeze!

Make room for some basics that are the foundation of a stylish outfit. A rebellious morning look would include ribbed or frayed-end jeans, roomy jersey tops with stamps, rock & roll T-shirts, and lots of denim. Your daytime choices include tons of athleisure, logo trims, stretchy fabrics, and things that allow you to move and take action. A fashionista wants to be noticeable even when walking in the park. She is lately inspired by the 90s supermodels and their unapologetic daring attitude. Kate Moss and her minimalist glam looks from that decade are at the top of the list. What Naomi, Linda, and Christy wore then is what most girls are reinventing right now! Time for some slip dresses and spaghetti straps! Ready to walk down the runway?

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