Elegant Gifts

Be generous with yourself and your loved ones! Dress in style for the upcoming festivities and enjoy your holidays in full glamour. It is definitely time to buy gifts that are real investment pieces, wardrobe beauties that stand the test of time. Along with your wishes, share your excitement for beautiful fabrics and details.

Plaid or Black

Plaid or any check motif is a classic holiday option. Think also of houndstooth, windowpane, and tartan patterns, all exuding a heritage feel and a love for symmetry. Your gift can be a checkered blazer, top, or other wardrobe separates that mix and match. You can achieve the most sophisticated motif clashes with these patterns, which are always on trend. Rendered in either androgynous, tailored silhouettes or modern, versatile shapes, checks are the perfect things to wear for a dinner party. It is also a preppy chic option for a business occasion. Plus, if you happen to gift somebody a checkered garment, they will thank you for an undeniable wardrobe classic. Plaid works with monochromes and neutrals as well as with stripes and even florals!

Black is the other wardrobe staple. From a flirty LBD to a blouse or skirt, it will save your eveningwear style! A black dress is the perfect canvas for countless accessories, including neutral and sparkly shoes, bags, jewelry, scarves, and hats. Black is sleek in the daytime and sexy in the evening. It is a can’t-go- wrong color for versatile party looks and elegant business attire. It can be mixed with other neutrals, bold prints, a variety of textures, and metallics. Black is dark and fancy at the same time. If you are still pondering what to wear on Christmas or New Year’s Eve, combine the ultimate stunners; black & white! It is a sharp, figure-flattering combo that has an ultra-chic effect in a modern sense.

Red or Animal Print

If daring enough, opt for something red. This color is festive and bold, a dynamite of self-expression and happiness! It comes in various shades, from scarlet to brick red, so make sure you pick the one you love the most. It is said that warm red tones go with warm skin tones – the opposite applies to cool ones – but be ready to wear the red shade that flatters you the least away from your face, in a skirt or pants, for example. Be playful and break the rules. Brighten your red sweater with a gold necklace or a scarf. Colorblocking red with pink or beige is a marvelous combination too. Last but not least, try it with sequins or crystals; a maximalist attitude doesn’t hurt!

Include in your gifts and wishlist some pieces with a leopard or cheetah motif on. It is flirty and timeless; some call it “another neutral” in your closet. These animal prints come in earthy, natural tones such as beige, brown, and black, but also in other colors, which modernize them even more. Leopard motifs of various scales are available in matt, satin, velvety, and fluffy textures, depending on the look you want to achieve. You can mix & match them with other patterns, too, if you manage to coordinate a few of their colors. The easiest way to do it is by putting together motifs that contain some black. Try a beige and black leopard motif on your skirt with black polka dots on your shirt, for example. And… Happy Holidays!

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