Best of Outerwear

Outerwear is a category of clothing that mainly applies to the Fall/Winter season. Our advice when investing in coats and jackets is to try to cover all the variations of layering from lightweight to mid- weight and heavier items. Also, make sure you have all the classic colors in casual and evening outerwear.

Cozy & Elegant

For elegant day-to-evening moments, you need wool or cashmere coats in various lengths and silhouettes. Look for single-breasted, double-breasted, and open-front belted coats. Their lengths should vary from over-the-knee to midis. Then, shop for equally cozy jackets such as peacoats, heavy blazers, and cape-like jackets. Start with a neutral palette that includes black, navy, beige, brown, white, and grey. If you already have representative outerwear styles in these hues, continue with fun colors like red and pink. Include also some timeless motifs such as checks (plaid, houndstooth, etc.) and pinstripes. Roomy and fitted silhouettes are both useful when you take into consideration your layering options. It’s all about tailoring. Tailored outerwear pieces are real works of art. And don’t forget to insist on high- quality fabrics!

Let’s now see what your winter wardrobe should include so that each option is a no-brainer! As a busy woman always on the hunt for effortless perfection, you need a black wool or cashmere coat, a camel belted coat, a plaid coat or wool blazer, a navy peacoat, and a cozy grey layer which is trending. These are the pillars of a stylish classic outfit. Shorter coats are beautifully layered with jeans, tailored pants, midi-to-maxi dresses and skirts, leggings, and culottes. Mid-length coats should stop either right above a dress hem or below, and they look great with pants. Maxi coats, as well as cropped jackets, are the right ones for long evening gowns, skinny pants, super-minis, and sky-high heels. Pair bold-color coats with neutrals for added sophistication.

Effortless Chic

For casual moments, the hero piece of the season is the quilted jacket. A roomy, lightly padded style is the answer to all your morning styling problems. Combine it with a thick sweater and jeans or with a button-down and tailored pants. Heavily padded styles like classic puffer jackets are either for a mountain getaway or for chilly weather in the city. Of course, some are so elegantly structured that feel luxurious and chic at all times. But definitely, pick those quilted jackets that are less sporty and tons more versatile! Opt for those with hoodies for rainy days, and pay attention to details that seal you from cold. Zip closures, drawstring fastenings, insulating materials, and interior pockets are key details for weather-proof looks.

In New York and other cities, another major outerwear trend is the so-called “shacket,” a hybrid of the “shirt” and “jacket.” They look like a button-up shirt, but they are heavier and roomier. These oversized layers are a modernized version of the casual jacket. They come in wool, fleece, and other fabrics, and they look incredibly stylish with baggy jeans and bulky sneakers. In terms of colorways for your puffers, quilted jackets, and shackets, think of khaki, navy, and black, as well as bold color-blocking and fun motifs. When dressing casual, you can literally break all the rules. Just keep some cohesion overall, using one element that connects the dots, meaning play either with texture, or colors, or silhouettes (oversized jackets vs. skinny pants, for example).

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